AD+P architetti was founded with the objective of researching and developing the best architectural quality. The constitutive element is the idea, followed by the analysis of natural light and – preferably eco sustainable – materials, essential elements in the composition of a building. We give constant attention to detail, because we think that perfection of architectural compositions is expressed only by the whole of its parts and the context, the relation between places, history – ensemble of fragments of life animating the scene, indispensible for us in the research of new shapes. The process of designing is managed and coordinated through Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its great potential. The idea is first sketched on paper, later elaborated in 3D, allowing the team to catch each step of the construction process. AD+P architetti aims to minimalize the margin of error by following the construction process since the very beginning. BIM is the supportive technology used for the implementation of the components. This is shared with our advisors and specialists, and allows us to obtain a beautiful, efficient and satisfying product. Each member of the team has a longstanding experience with BIM and/or is trained through specific courses in order to be up-to-date and concretely respond to potential issues that might occur during the development of the project/contruction process



The studio is located in the city centre of Lugano. Here AD+P architetti designs and realizes public buildings, office spaces, commercial spaces, private residences. AD+P architetti develops projects for new buildings and for the renovation/extension of existing ones. We perform site managements and offer technical advice in reference to systems, maintenance and construction management.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Design
  • Site Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • RCVS systems
  • Electrical systems


The studio takes part in national and international competitions, usually in cooperation with other nearby practices, developing projects until their final process: Their actual realization.