Residenza Via al Lido

2015 | Lugano - Switzerland

The project comes out from the building canons and is proposed as an important urban presence that can participate in the enhancement of the surroundings. The intent is to propose a completely new image for the area, using shapes, materials and colors, which could transmit a perceptual tranquility not only to the tenants of the building itself, but also to all those who live the neighborhood in everyday life .
The two combined volumes that make up the state of affairs are maintained, but characterized as a single body through the study of a leather that alternates Parklex wood panels and plaster from the base to the crowning of the building. The existing balconies are enhanced and become protagonists both through the alternation of full and empty spaces, which hosting the inclusion of tanks containing a hanging roof, which have the important purpose of creating that dynamism so inspired by nature.

The presence of green, in the façade and in the roof, is not only aesthetic, but above all oriented towards an improvement in the thermal performance of the building as a whole. In fact, the roof package is technologically designed to use both the natural capacity of the earth and the green roof to accumulate heat and protect the underlying environments, thus acting as a natural insulator, as well as a surface suitable to house photovoltaic panels for the production of electric energy.
22 apartments of different sizes constitute the cellular composition of the building, the spaces are designed to maximize every usable surface, eliminating unnecessary corridors and hallways, all enlivened by the use of natural light, which, entering the large windows , illuminates the interior space and its composition of shapes during the day.